Reel Monster Productions is a multi-award winning production company that can make you the star of your own films. We are a full service production company that can shoot anything from epic mini movies for your acting reel, to short films, full features, and TV pilots. Stop waiting for that big break and break into the film and television industry with our help. Hire Reel Monster Productions to write, shoot, and produce some original, movie quality, big budget shorts for your acting reel without the high price tag. Recently, our short film "A Girl and Her Zombie" won Seventeen best short awards. A Girl and Her Zombie won Best Horror Short at the Southern Shorts Awards and Best Local Short at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival.  

We love actors and we know the frustration of waiting for hard earned footage from the movies you've done. You work so hard to book the role and shoot the picture, but then never receive the copy of your work. Or even worse, you receive the copy but the quality of the work is unusable. Once you hire Reel Monster Productions, Tim Richardson - the Director and Head Writer, will have a consultation with you concerning what type of scenes you would like to have done. He will custom write each scene to fit the actor's type and give them contrasting characters as well as genres to give them the widest emotional range possible. He can have the scripts written and sent to you in a week or so and have you shooting those scenes in the same or following week. The turn around on your scenes is incredibly fast, normally two to three weeks. Reel Monster Productions takes care of everything for you. We write, shoot, cast, coach, direct, animate, compose, handle props, locations, and the final edit. All you have to worry about is getting into character and knowing your lines.

We can also help you become an actor. If you've always dreamt of acting in film and television but don't know where to start, start with us! Tim Richardson was mentored by a Two-Time Emmy Award winner and taught at a film school for four years. He can coach you through your scenes and help you begin your acting journey. The most important tool in an actor's kit is a great acting reel. Why, you ask? Because Casting Directors don't have time to gamble on a new actor. They want to see proof an actor can handle the work before they bring you in for an audition, especially if your resume is thin or nonexistent. We can write, shoot, and create a movie quality acting reel that will have all the casting directors and agents calling you in to audition. A great short isn't just about a great script just like a great team isn't about just one person. Reel Monster Productions is a team of highly skilled, industry professionals who love shooting mini movies. We call them Mini Movies because the scenes in an acting reel should feel like they come from big Movies and TV Shows, that's the quality we offer. 

Message Reel Monster Productions today and we'll give you a great deal on shorts and acting classes.